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Call Center

The ProjNet Call Center operates weekdays from 8AM to 5PM, U.S. Central Time Zone (Chicago). If after hours support is required, that will need to be arranged on a case by case basis. The telephone number for the Call Center is (833) 389-1097 and 217-367-3273. An automated greeting will play for you, directing you to hold for the next available Call Center representative. Calls will be answered as they come in. If the Call Center is already dealing with existing call center tasks, your call will be directed to the voicemail system. Please leave a voicemail and the call center will respond to your message as soon as possible in the order in which it was received. Without a message being left, we will have no record of your attempt to contact the Call Center.

Additionally, you can always send an email message to the Call Center. This will allow you to provide more information, including screenshots and more explicit descriptions of the issue. The email will be responded to by the Call Center staff as soon as possible and in the order in which it was received. Both the email contacts and the phone contacts go to the same Call Center staff.

If you are working with the Overseas Building Operation, you should contact Document Control at or call them at 1-703-875-6150.

On-line Help

If you are logged into ProjNet, please use the 'Request Help' option from the 'Help' menu in the top right corner of the ProjNet page you are on. This will allow you to fill out a form to generate a ticket within the ProjNet Call Center system. Just like the options to call or email the Call Center directly, this request will be responded to as soon as possible, in the order in which it is received.